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Cash loan

Unlock the Power of Embedded Cash Loans with ServiceX - Enhance User Experiences, Streamline Operations, and Drive Growth with Seamless Integration and Advanced Loan Processing Capabilities.

Maximize Your Customers' Buying Power with

Seamless, Secure Embedded Cash Loans

Empower your customers' spending with Credify's Embedded Cash Loans.

Partner with us to provide tailored loan solutions directly within marketplace platforms, boosting sales and driving growth for both individuals and organizations.

Empower Your Customers with Instant Access to Cash Loans

Tailored to Meet Their Unique Needs!

Experience a seamless and streamlined loan process, with minimal documentation and quick disbursement times.  With serviceX, Service Providers can leverage purchasing behavior and other relevant data to offer customized loan packages that meet the financial needs of each individual customer.


Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional loan procedures and give your customers the power to access funds in just a few minutes.


Transform Cash Loans into

a Winning Service for All with Credify

With Credify's advanced analytics-based filtering, you can present the most suitable loan offers to your customers at the right time and place. Only pre-qualified users will see the relevant loan offers, delivering a convenient and personalized experience. By reducing your customer acquisition cost by up to 70%, you can achieve a winning scenario for everyone involved.


Offer a cash loan solution that sets you apart and boosts your customer satisfaction!

Transform Your Onboarding with Credify's 100% Digital Solution

 End-user Journey


Select the loan service and try the simulation

Verify with OTP

Undergo eKYC and fill in
the loan application

Sign the contract after the approval process and done!

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