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Vietnam’s upcoming data compliance policy: Head of Compliance Bruno Sivanandan

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Interview Credify’s Head of Compliance Bruno Sivanandan

Vietnam is preparing to implement its new Decree on Personal Data protection at the end of 2021. Currently, it already has many regulations that govern the collection, receipt, transmission, and use of data, still many cases of infringement persist. In this interview, we had a discussion with Bruno on what Vietnamese businesses can expect and prepare for themselves when the decree comes into practice.

From his early working experience, Bruno soon realized the difficulties of companies to adapt their systems to such regulations. Now being the Chairman of Eurocham Digital Sector Committee, Bruno can bring discerning insights to Vietnamese businesses affected by this new decree. He also shares his case study at Credify on data compliance that can save many businesses in transforming their system architecture and coping with the growing complexity of the digital economy.

*Disclaimer: The comments of this article only reflect the opinion of Bruno Sivanandan and by no means those of the Eurocham or the Digital Sector Committee. Moreover, they are based on the draft decree and will be only relevant provided the actual decree does not change extensively comparatively to the draft.