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Unlock the power of digital financial services with Credify's verified digital identity platform.

Enables digital ecosystem operators to offer attractive and contextual financial services, built on top of a verified digital identity platform


Unleash the Power of Possibility with

serviceX Tailored Use Cases

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Transform Your Customer Onboarding with Our All-In-One Digital Solution

Say goodbye to traditional, paper-based applications and hello to an effortless, 100% digital experience. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to meet the needs of Service Providers, offering everything from pluggable eKYC and e-signing to data collection via dynamic forms and CRM/legacy platform integration. Empower your customers to join your services with ease and streamline your operations with our cutting-edge solution.

Transform Your Financial Institution into a BNPL Powerhouse with Credify

Unleash the full potential of Buy Now, Pay Later with our turn-key solution. Experience seamless marketplace integration and user-centric optimization, freeing you to concentrate on delivering unbeatable terms and exceptional customer service.

Transform the insurance experience for your users with our innovative solution

Empower marketplaces to seamlessly offer personalized insurance products based on in-market activity, leading to elevated conversion rates and deeper customer engagement, all within the comfort of your platform.

Empower your e-commerce platform with the power of instant financing

With ServiceX, offer your users the convenience of cash loans for seamless shopping experiences, from larger purchases to flexible terms and affordable rates. Say goodbye to third-party app downloads or website visits, and say hello to a 100% digital loan process, right within your marketplace.

Empower Your Marketplaces and Financial Institutions to Revolutionize User Engagement and Payment Ecosystems with Co-branded Credit Cards (CBCC)

Our CBCC platform offers a seamless, 100% digital experience, enabling closed-loop payments and enhanced loyalty through integrated special benefits and rewards programs.

Embedded Cash Loan

Digital Onboarding Platform

Buy Now Pay Later Gateway

Co-branded Credit Card

Embedded Insurance