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Enables digital ecosystem operators to offer attractive and contextual financial services, built on top of a verified digital identity platform


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serviceX use cases

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Embedded Cash Loan

Digital Onboarding Platform

Buy Now Pay Later Gateway

Co-branded Credit Card

Embedded Insurance

A solution for Service Providers to offer 100% digital applications and onboarding for end-users. We offer pluggable eKYC and e-signing, data collection via dynamic forms, CRM or legacy selling platform integration and more.

A turn-key solution for legacy financial institutions to quickly offer Buy Now, Pay Later as a service. Credify handles all the heavy lifting on the marketplace integration with our user-experience optimized SDK, allowing you to focus on offering the most competitive terms and customer care possible.

Marketplaces can offer contextually relevant insurance products to their users based on in-market profiles and activities. Insurance purchasing and policy access is performed entirely within the marketplace platform, resulting in higher conversion rates and more opportunities to engage.

Through serviceX, e-commerce platform operators can offer instant cash loans for better user experiences, supporting larger purchases at flexible terms and affordable rates. The loan process is 100% digital and entirely performed within your marketplace, removing the need for third party app downloads or website visits.

A platform that equips Marketplaces and Financial Institutions to together offer Co-branded Credit Cards (CBCC), giving end-users 100% digital experiences, closed-loop payments, and enabling deeper loyalty with special benefit and reward program integration out of the box.